Real Wood, Real Quality, Responsibly
O'Hair Shutters™ are made from the finest grades of White Poplar (Cottonwood), a North American hardwood. Our lumber is harvested on family owned land, from landowners who demand sustainable forestry and responsible conservation, leaving a proud legacy for future generations.
Extensive Wood Seasoning
A quality wood shutter begins with the proper drying of green lumber. We perform this process “in house” using open air drying and low temperature kiln drying. This 2 – 3 month process insures stress free, stable lumber.
Edge Grain, Edge Glued
The natural stability of properly dried lumber is enhanced by our exclusive edge-grain, edge-glue process. By ripping boards into strips, then rotating and gluing, homogenous strength and stability (akin to a laminated beam) is achieved. This process is key in our ability to produce the largest warranted shutter panels available.
Real Wood, Real Joinery
Four critical joinery details are important in the design of a quality shutter panel. In each of these, O’Hair Shutters™ combine time-honored methods of construction with computer-controlled precision (+/- .005”) resulting in panels built to last for the life of your home.
Mortise & Tenon Joinery
Our mortise & tenon joint design allows for maximum glue surface area. Wet-to-wet glue application plus special “draw-tight” assembly screws result in optimal intimate contact & excellent joint strength.
Monolithic Louver Tenon
Louvers pivot on tenons that are formed from the louver profile itself. The resulting monolithic grain structure of each tenon provides the strongest pivot design in the industry.
Adjustable Stabilouver™
The louver at the middle of each tilt rod receives brass bushings for preset tension. In addition, screws are applied to retain the stiles and to allow adjustment of tilting action. Louvers are thus sure to hold any desired tilt position.
Continuous Tilt Rod Linkage
A common problem never seen in a shutter panel from O'Hair is detached louvers due to tilt rod staples that pulled out. Instead, a continuous aluminum linkage thoroughly glued into the back of the tilt rod provides extraordinary strength. The connecting louver staples made of #304 stainless are deep set for decades of trouble free service.
Natural Strength
The higher strength-to-weight ratio of real wood combined with our unique processes, makes shutter panels from O'Hair the strongest shutter panels on the market today.
Natural Beauty
Regardless of which surface you choose, the natural beauty of Real Wood comes through.
Smooth Grainselect™
Smooth Ultraprimed™
Sandbrushed Grainelect™
Sandbrushed Ultraprimed™
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