a reputation for quality and integrity

In 1940 Roy O'Hair was a farmer with a penchant for woodworking. With a $500 investment he went into the venetian blind business, setting up shop on College Avenue in Buddy Holly's hometown of Lubbock, Texas. Having learned the values of honesty and hard work as a depression-era west Texas cotton farmer, his dedication to quality and customer satisfaction resulted in a booming business, with O'Hair dealers springing up across the southwest. Within 12 years he had over 400 dealers and the business was the largest of its kind between Dallas and the west coast. His son R.J. started by helping out in the afternoons after school, taking over the reins after returning from the pacific in 1945. In 1964 R.J. applied his expertise in venetians to building top quality shutters, transforming the company into O'Hair Shutters, Ltd.

By the 1990's the public demand for O'Hair shutters was overwhelming and plans were drawn up for a massive new 40 acre facility. By this time, O'Hair Shutters had revolutionized the industry by introducing high-tech manufacturing and then, under the hands-on direction of the third generation of the family, O'Hair introduced an advanced on-site design and online ordering process that is channeled directly into computer-driven job-specific precision milling. The fourth generation of the family is now fully engaged in advancing O'Hair's leading edge by integrating state-of the-art design and manufacturing with the indispensable element of human craftsmanship.

There have been many imitators over the years, basing their businesses on cheap imports and inexpensive synthetic materials, but O'Hair's commitment to genuine American hardwoods, rock-solid construction, advanced design, respect for the environment and the basic principles of honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability continue to make our products the very best in the business. This is not just a matter of principle — it is a point of family pride, as it has been for three quarters of a century.

"Leave the customer happy, even if

you haven't made a dime on the job."


Life in 1940:

• Glen Miller
• Joe Dimaggio
Abbott & Costello
• Ford 4 Door $808
• New house $3,200
• Avg. income $1,725

• T-bone 39/pound

gasoline 11/gallon

and top quality O'Hair window coverings


Some things change,
others never do.


a family business for four generations

O'Hair Shutters and venetian blinds in the news

– Roy O'Hair
Lubbock Evening Journal

une 16, 1952

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