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American hardwood, American quality



American hardwood, American quality


The Homeowner’s Transferable 5 Year Limited Warranty™

O'Hair Venetians™


Coverage: Limited to a period of five years from installation, O'Hair Shutters, Ltd. will arrange for repair or replacement of components of O'Hair Venetians™ installed by an authorized dealer for defects determined by O'Hair Shutters, Ltd. to be in the original product manufacture. Repair or replacement of the components will be at no cost to the consumer. In the event of a product design change, defect replacements may be made using a later design.

Limitations: This limited warranty does not cover O'Hair Venetians™ installed on exterior locations nor does it cover normal wear and tear, nor does it cover product that has been removed, modified, and/or re-installed by anyone other than an authorized O'Hair VenetiansTM dealer. This limited warranty is in lieu of all other obligations, liabilities, or warranties expressed or implied. In no event shall O'Hair Shutters, Ltd. be liable or responsible for incidental or consequential damage, loss, cost, or expense, whether direct or indirect, resulting from product defects covered by this warranty.

Service: To obtain warranty service, contact your O’Hair Venetians™ dealer. If you need assistance in contacting your dealer, visit our dealer locator or call 800-582-2625.

* Damage to the paint or stain finish (e.g. abrasions, slight dents, etc.) is not considered wood damage.



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